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    get it


    When Beyonce drops the first line from Blow

    "I Love you Faaaaaaaaaaace….."

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  4. l0rd0ftherings:

    what i feel like doing when people walk slow infront of me


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  6. Got to meet the amazing, inspirational, and a man with a true passion of dance: Mister Elm! It was an honor to be able to be taught and learn a lot from him!! Thank you so much for giving me life and showing me that dance is more then just movement. #dancers #brotherhoodotp #boogiezone #elm #letsdanceagain

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    twerking while driving

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    I can relate to this


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    i love Tanisha. I really do.

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    When you saw this on Saturday you knew shit was about to go down on Disney.


    This came on everyday at 8pm for the Disney Film 

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    My ideal date is going some place that has bumper cars. That way I can wear a low cut shirt and every time dude bumps his car into me he can watch my tittys bounce. 


    reblogging for the gif

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    clearly using emofuri to its full potential

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